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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I imagine

The skies, covered in a blanket of deep midnight blue.
Diamonds sewn into the blanket, covering the skies with it's beauty.
The wind, coming like a silent spy, it's gentle breeze carrassing my skin, my hair.
I stand, at the balcony, experiencing the silence of this night,
enjoying the feeling and atmosphere of the wind.
Like Eve, my skin was bare.
Only a cream colored silk blanket covered my body, 
in the darkness, you could only see my back where the blanket fail to cover.
You come, quietly like a cat,
your arms, suddenly, but gently, wrapped around me.
You press your body close to mine.
I gasp lightly with delight.
I feel your smile, and you feel mine.
Your fingers, slowly slide up my spine,
brushing my hair away gently.
Your breath, warm on my skin, against the cool air.
Your lips, slowly kissing my bare skin.
I shiver with pure delight.
The rest, only you now how to make it perfect.


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