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Thursday, October 7, 2010

1 Year, and a half month.

Isn't it amazing?
Isn't is wonderfully awesome?
I think it is though.
Throughout this 1 and a half year, 
 I have spent my time with the most wonderfullest person in this entire world.
He is the most sweetest,
the most caring,
the most lovable,
my boyfriend.

Being with someone like me for 18 months, 
it just says alot.
 It's really hard telling you how much celebrating it means to me.
I guess every special memories are just best lived by.

I love you so much.
Even though we fight, we quarrel,
I still need and want to know you are alright, 
you are okay,
because you are thinking of the same thing too.
Because I still love you.
No matter what.




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