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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Troubled waters

Sorry about not continuously SPAMMING this wall as I should have. Basically, to sum up the missing days, i am seriously tired out due to the pile of shit loaded on me and I really just want to sleep and relax on my weekends. School life has been really hectic and I can't seem to keep up with the homework. Seems like the New Year's Resolution for this year has been unachievable, yet again. I have so much homework to be done and here I am, blogging like some crappy noob user. This sucks, why can't this website be much easier? I even fine it hard to download some retarded HTML shiat. I am seriously age-ing towards oldness. Guess what, when I was eating chicken rice near my area, this bubblegum pink latex-clad woman strode with her boyfriend into the coffee shop like no one's business and she strutted her figure hugging bulbous body around the coffee shop, somewhat unaware of the commotion she was causing. Sure she was confident wearing a pastel pink tube dress which looks like a spandex outfit with skirts on her. Sure her boyfriend does not mind showing off her, her beauty(if any) and her gorgeous full figure. Hey! I am not stereotyping Phat People. i am just justifying that Phat people should not go walking around in what looks like a thin towel which might, (with any luck) tear when seated. it just seemed so wrong and really, disgusting. You can have all the confidence in the world with what you want to wear but please, please choose something appropriate. Okay, i seriously need to do my homework. My guilty conscience is moaning at me and I am literally spasming. I love you all!!!

Rachel Roxxane


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