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Monday, September 21, 2009

To walk by your side.

Thanks to LullabyOfLilly from DeviantArt

I really adore this picture.

You are my partner.
We two could never be apart.
We were made for each other.
Two soles together.
Without you, I would not have a leg to stand on.
Without you, I would be empty.
We are two of a kind.
So different that we are similiar.

I will spend my life, walking with you.
Even if the path is difficult, 
even if it is filled with sharp stones, 
difficult hurdles, painful memories,
I will cross it with you.

You are my husband,
I am your wife.
We are joined both mentally, and physically.
We may not be of same background,
we may not have the same material we were made with.
But God made us into the same pair of shoes that we are.

Our vows made as soon as we were completed.

Our love, like the laces, 
holds everything we have in place.

One day, both of us would grow old with age. 
Our skin would stretched, 
our colours, faded.
Then, we would go back, 
to the place which we came from.

I wished to go back, with you,
back to our birthplace.
We were born apart.
But we will die together.
Our love will know no boundaries.



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