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Monday, October 19, 2009

I am such a movie junkie. I've been watching my LDs, DVDs, VCDs. And if I am not watching them, I'll be online, YOUTUBE-ING movies, shot clips, cartoons and the works. I think my eyes are getting smaller cause I watch too much television. I will end up wearing thick glasses like my Aunt Dorothy.

I've been hauling my ass to Jo's dance studio for the past couple of days and I feel really happy that we, the Beautiful 4, FIQ & RACHEL, EZZATI & SYLVEST, have improved so much in our dance.

Sure it ain't top standard, but ever since the beginning of classes, the change is simply, miraculous. :D

What could be more happier to see your teacher's face swell with pride and joy seeing her students improving and raising the bar for the others?

Aza, Ezzati, Moi, and Sylvest [Fiq was MIA]

I am loving dance more and more. Jo said that next year, if we are really keen and prep'd, we can join, but I am so bloody scared shitless. I saw and tried on this GORGEOUS TOP in Jo's studio! It is so what I want for my birthday! Mummy! I want!

Ezzati, Fabu. Jo, Rachel

Isn't the top so awesome??!! I shall take a nicer picture of it then I can show it to you guys. :D

TOP: $90
SKIRT: $70
SHOES: $ 200+

I think I will die if I did that final pose, which reminds me, OUR final pose is somewhat like that, Wednesday I'll post it, hopefully, if the others don't let thier jaw drop. :)


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