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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Has it been so many days already? Can't really be bothered to go online. Like seriously let's break down the hours I spent online.

1st hour: On desktop. Wait for connections to popped up.
             Check and filter crap emails.
2nd hour: FB-ing all the way~
               Online on msn as AWAY

3rd hour: Still online on msn. But gone from FB.

4th hour: Sian, still online on msn. Like f-ing stonededededed.

5th hour: I go sleep, or go for dinner or go bathe or go out.

See, 5 hours online, like waste time. Hehe.

I just recieved my time-table. Damn Steeewwwwpid! I'll take a pic let you people see.

Latin dance performance on 18th NOV!
Full dress rehearsal on 17th!

Why of all dates.

2 more days. :D


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