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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last day of holidays.

Heyy... Goodness, how long have I not been updating my blog?
Haha, it's also not like many people reads it anyways.
I guess dreams come true, in a way.
Last week, I dreamt that Stacey's maidm Mimi, left for good.
And TODAY, I found out that it really happened!
WTFH right??!!!


Anyways, when I board up the bus, can't remember when, there's this guy, he literally looks like a human fish ball, blown up, and I swear, he reeked of powder, super duper sweet. Totally suit his skin and face which looks like one of those super old Hindustani movies where the guys are like WHITE.

Baby's not coming out today, tomorrow or Sunday.
Sad.. Sad..
Well, I'm going to watch DINNER FOR SCHMUcKS(?) tomorrow, which is kinda today, later.

Mimics*What makes you think I'm an Idiot?*
              *Just stay in the chair*


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