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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I don't know if I am going to be posting anything these few days from tomorrow.
But, I know I will be dreadfully tired.
F1 is tomorrow.
I will be facing ALOT of foreigners.
I really don't mind the locals.
All the same one.
But, good impression. [[:
Hopefully the skills I learn from my previous customer service job pays off.
I am afraid that I will,

  1. Lose my temper. [ I know won't happen, but still..]
  2. Faint from heat [ do you know that Sg is like a bloody island of the Sun?!]
  3. Lose my temper cause of the heat. [ one thing leads to another.]
  4. Dehydration.
  5. Sunburn.
  6. Sunstroke.
  7. Suntanned [ I don't mind it actually.]
  8. Lost for words. [ when I am very overwhelmed.]
  9. Lost direction. [ yes, even though I live and was born in this country I still get lost.]
  10. Bad impression. [ ie: feedback form] 

Well, we'll just have to see right. (:

Yesterday, went out jalan jalan at taka.
This boy ah, pee in the bloody bottle.
And the worst is,
the father help to direct his wiener!
WTFH!!! 0_0
The ultimate worst was,
I don't think the father wash his hands.

Lost of appetite.

I love you all~ ^^


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