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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Courtesy of Beddiz

Eating ice cream without feeling the guilt might not be the best thing, but it is for me.
Lately, I think I am losing the essence of what makes me, Singaporean.
Like for example,

  1. How can I go into a McDonald's am actually NOT have the urge to eat.
  2. Why am I always craving Char Kuay Teow?
  3. I am not hungry when I wake up, during school, after school.
  4. Why am I still fat?
I really need to do something about my shit hair. Mainly, bye bye split ends, hello to a new colour and moisturizing stuff. i've been threatening to shave my head, that will happen soon. Not now of course, I think I know a few people who wloud kill me if I did that.

I really want to go on a holiday next year. I am so des-sa-pa-ra-tee.

Look, I even have this on my screen now.

Next year I'll go. :D


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