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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help me to help you.

There is so many things on my mind, I just don't know what to say.
Let's start with me first.
I am really tired, and tired, tired and sick of your behavior.
I really am.
You DO know what I am talking about.
You not opening your mouth to ask.
You being so DRAMA.[ You exaggerate a situation, making it seem bigger than it always is]
You being so sensitive.[Crying easily]
You, you, you..ect...
I know I have alot of patience, but it's wearing off.
I can't bring myself to read your blog and tumblr nowadays, cause I know the problems you have you won't tell me face to face.
And you know that I keep telling you to 'don't keep inside, whatever you wanna say just say, be it good or bad, at least just say'
Cause you see what happens when you don't say and keep it for much later?
Like yesterday?
Me arguing on the phone with you.

After knowing from Nina, my thinking changed.
You did that cause you couldn't help yourself.
I read up on your problem, and I realised that what you had been doing,
was mostly because of that problem.

Now I wished you had told me much earlier, so that I would know how to handle it.
My Dad suffered depression. 6 years.
That feeling was horrible.
And now my closest friend, you, suffering from it.

I wished I could help, but the best thing I can offer to you, is my listening ear.

I'll be there for you.


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