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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The reason why...

The reason why I don't want to say 'WE' should do this this this 
is cause I don't want to let you down if I know I can't make it.

The reason why I don't want to keep saying 
'You're irritating but I love you'
is cause I don't want you to be dependent on it
cause one day I may not BE ABLE to say it to you
and that would make me sad.
The reason why I want you to change 
is cause I know that in the REAL world
it is very difficult for people to understand you
the way I do.

I do accept you
Your flaws
Your insecurities
Your everything that makes you
But you can't keep falling back on them
You can't keep being upset and emotionally weak
It's never going to make you strong.

I know that I can't be there for you in the future
That's why I want you to be strong now
So that you won't need me
 So that you would be in control of yourself

I don't want to say things or make promises to you
and end up not fulfilling them
And end up making you upset

The reason why I keep asking you about your financial status 
is cause I care about you not eating
I understand how it is like to see your friends eat and you not eating
And the most important things I care about is
  1. If you had sufficient sleep
  2. If you filled your stomach with food so you go hungry
  3. If you got enough money for transport.
That's all the MAIN criteria.

I know I can be such a nag
But I always hope that whatever I say
you would remember

Cause most of the times.
Those things are the stepping stones to living in the real world.

That's all.
For now..
Take care.



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