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Monday, July 13, 2009


Oh My Gawd! I so fucking hate this! Dammit lah, I am so pissed I am banging the keys hard and my temper is mounting like there is no tomorrow. I so need to get the software but I am so afraid of asking my mother. She spend so much already. And the stewpid paycheck has not even come yet! WTFH! Gosh, so much money spent unnecessarily and.. and.. To make matters worst, when i took the lift from my house today, i was so busy with my cell that when i pressed my floor button, there on my finger was a SLIMEY GLOB OF MUCUS! WHO THE FACK DOES THAT????? LIKE HELLO! IT'S SO DISGUSTING AND THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO BLOODY SENSE OF HYGIENE! NO WODER WE HAVE THE H1N1 CASE HERE CAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE THESE!!! Dammit, really, dammit.

xx(without much love)
Rachel Roxxane


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