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Sunday, March 14, 2010


In 980, going to Novena.

Spending my time with my Baby.

Sweet Sweet Love.

Caming in the theater before the show starts.

3D is so in.

Alice In Wonderland.

At Marina Barrage.

You took this, I don't know why.

You took this too.
It was kind of cloudy.
Cause we thought it would be raining.

Ew, I look fat.

Haha, spastic face.

Love you :]

Look at that puddle, it looks like a HEART.

Random, cause I have nothing better to do.

[Sha, no funny ideas kay]

Flash too bright.

Relaxing on my Muu Muu.

Stoning, stoning, caming.

In my baby's arms I lie.

[ First try]

You say you like this picture.

I love you.

Wah, Subway and Go Go Sausages. <3


Idiot, you make me look like ghost.

Dancing with the Spritz.

You made my day.
It felt like a fairytale.

Thank you so much dear.


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