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Monday, March 1, 2010


2nd Day

Yesterday was the 1st, but I was too tired to blog about it.
Anyway, it passed by quite fast,
because I was so busy running aorund swith Stacey and Stephanie.
I still thought of you, but not too much, not too little.

So, on my 2nd day, I am going out with Sha, going to walk walk around, see some stuff then I am going for work, feels quite a drag, but, you know, work for the cash. Damn, I feel like shit when I work, I do want to do well, but I don't know.

I am probably going to spam your inbox, telling you how UTTERLY bored I am. Well, at least the days would pass by faster, then it'll be TUESDAY.

Awesome. I am going to think like that.

Oh My Goodness. I shall freak when it's WEDNESDAY.


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