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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today you finish your SIT test.
 I am hoping to hear from you soon.
I wish I could bake.
I always love the feeling of baking and making something not just pretty,
Like Ellice say, she bakes out of love.
Seeing each and every picture of her love's patisserie,
I can sense the love and passion she puts in her baking.
I always felt I murder baking rather than bake.
Okay, it doesn't exactly make sense, but you get the idea.
I wish I could bake something for you.
So you would know the love I put in it.
I feel, that everyone has different ways of showing their love.
For some, it's baking, like Ellice.
For traditional Chinese mothers, it's cooking.
For mothers, it's hugs and kisses.
For others, it's making special things or buying them.
To me,
baking is one of the most intriguing ways to show love.
The careful measurements, 
the love and care in whisking, gently, kneading the dough,
the accurate timing.
The wonderful imagination taking over to design it.
Ah, baking,
it's an accomplish art form itself.


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