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Friday, March 19, 2010

Decisions, decisions.

I think that yesterday was one of the most difficult days I ever had to experience.
I went out with the girls, Fafa, Sha, Feeqah, Ika and Taz.
We suppose to go to IMM at like 12, but ended up delaying, delaying.
  1. Ika's Grandmother had to go for check up.
  2. Fafa had a huge fight with this stupid 'china' server about 30 damn cents.
  3. Ika found out that we travelled to IMM for nothing, cause the doughnut shop that sold the special doughnuts for the birthday already closed down.
  4. When we went to ION, I had stomach cramps from eating the 'HATE' food from that  china woman.
  5. It was still quite a wet day but we decided to go to Far East to eat, whereby Feeqah would join us later but apparently she almost could not make her way there.
  6. When we went to East Coast [Quite last minute] Taz and Feeqah couldn't come and Sha almost kind of got scolded.
  7. Throughout 5-7, I've been 'fighting' with Muu Muu.
I know he didn't get the guard duty, but then hearing that one of my close comrade's boyfriend getting it [ reserve] still was quite bad. I mean, come on, the guys are already PASSING OUT, why is there a need for them to still be reserves for guard duty?

It is so completely unfair to everyone, and now it is affecting future plans.

I couldn't really sleep, coming back around 1130, and resting till 4.
Now I need to rush off to go Pasir Ris again.

Decisions, decisions, making the toughest choices and the most logical is so hard to do.


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