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Friday, March 26, 2010

This must have been the most craziest week I ever had.
Let's start with 

Met Sarah, did our hair, we rebonded our fringe and highlighted it.
We started at 1 and ended around 5.
Went back to the hotel and ordered Macs and slack till I had to go to work.

 Sarah's birthday.
We went to Sentosa, and I brought her around to see the hotels.
We then went to the Resort World, 
but didn't go into the U.S.S cause it was so late.
We went to Chili's' instead 
We ordered a Singapore Sling for her and a Blue Pacific Margarita for me.
She got completely drunk and I had to cab her back to the hotel.
We went to Chinatown later and got her friend's dress.

We met about 12 and went to U.S.S.
Had such a blast there.
Pictures speak louder than words.
Went to Clark Quay's CLinic.
Singapore Slings and Mood Tubes.
Got bit too high and cab back home.

 Meet Sarah at Orchard station whereby my reception failed me for ten minutes.
We walked from ION to 313.
Sat in the ICING ROOM and had tea while she told me her life stories.
We went off to Cinileisure Orchard and chill there till I had to go off to work.

No updates for now.


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