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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It is just so me, to say, I love you.

Yesterday was the first day of school.
I also got retrenched!
So young. :(
Went for breakfast with Muu Muu.
Muu Muu spend the day squeezing my pimps in the morning
and the lessons was such a drag.
Guess the only upside was when I almost fell into the drain on the way to the canteen.
Completely dry.

Today, is the second day,
dry lessons.
We just had one of our textbooks, Principles Of Marketing.
Like I know what that is.

Guess what, my glasses broke.
Stupid, stupid. Break in my fingers.
Then I was walking half ass blind in the mrt trying to look for Muu Muu.
Went to novena to get temporary contacts and seeing if I should change my frame.

Money flying away.


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