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Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh My Gawd.
7 more days for school to start.
6 more days left for holidays.
3 more days till he P.O.P.
2 more days for our 1 year anniversary.
Counting down,counting down.
I just read someone's blog about her exam results and her poly admission.
Soon it is going to be my turn.
Am I afraid?
Well, not yet though.

I start telling myself I have to do well this time.
I have to go to school, obviously.
Just one year more!
Then I am out of this shit hole.

Good riddance to IEH.
Although I do not like some there, 
I would like to remember only a specific few.
Shaheerah, firstly, for being a one true friend.
Danial, Kuntrak, Yan, Amyrool.
The Chinese gang, even though I don't talk to you, you guys are great.
Elaine, you funny girl.
Natasha, bimbo, still. {fun to talk about.}
Malay guys, {you guys are crazy}

Other than that, yup, Sha, you know who I won't wanna see.

This is life.


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