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Friday, April 9, 2010

I hate it.
You know, the feeling, when you let people down.
I feel so useless.
I have to say sorry to so many people, and even then, sorry just doesn't seem enough.

Sorry, to...
Sarah, for not being a good host.
Shaheerah, for lying to you.
Fafa, for letting you down.
Karl, cause I couldn't do much for you.
My work, cause I have not ben going so often.
Dance members and teachers, being the president, I am suppose to set a good example but look what happen.

Even now, my apologies doesn't mean anything.
Once you lost people's trust, it is so hard to get them back.
If I keep letting people down, then what is the point of living?
Doesn't it seem better to not be here so I don't need to let others down anymore?


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