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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's like just saying you should just go go go, when there is no where to go to.
Today is almost the last day to sum up the one week I spent with my Muu Muu.
Isn't is so perfectly sad, he's going in tomorrow, Monday, Pasi Laba [?], 0800-08.30.
At least he got what he wanted, SCS&WSAS.

I am really so terribly glad for him, but I understand how difficult now it'll be.
Well, at least it's only for 6 long grueling months.
Guess I can survive that.
Not like I would die.. Would I?
Still have school to attend.

Sigh, finally this hectic week is over, and I can finally relax.
Now it's just back to studying.


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