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Friday, June 18, 2010


Your smile.
Your laughter.

Your quirky ways and eccentric behaviors.
Your little dances.
Your little jumps.
Your crazy hand gestures

Your tears.
Your sorrows.
Your sad conffessions.

Don't listen to  what others say.
Don't let them get in your way.

Don't fret thinking that you might not get into Poly.
Miracles happen to those who deserves it when times seemed the bleakest.

If you think that you are not beautiful,
you are making a huge mistake.
You would be trying to say that your future love will judge you only by appearance.

Don't keep thinking when you would find Mr Right.
Might not be now, but sooner or later, when you least expected.
You deserve someone special.

He will be grateful and give thanks to God for finding such a lovely woman.
He will cherish you and the special moments you both share.
He will love you with all of his heart, just as much as you do.

Put your trust in God and let him guide you.

Good things happen to those who wait.

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