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Friday, July 16, 2010

Projects Projects.

Yesterday was like the most awesome day E.V.E.R!
Went to Jurong East pool to swim.
Nina accidentally lead us to the wron station, Lakeside and end up all 3 of us, Me, Nina and Sha walked all the way to Chinese Gardens.
It was such a hot and lovely day for a swim and we went completely mad.

After putting our clothes and shit in the lockers, we went to get our floats, and we started off with the lazy pool, then suddenly, after one round, Nina said, 'did you guys peed yet?'
And we were like, 'what..?' then it hit us.

Then we me and Sha went to the big slides and took the blue one and while I was waiting for her to go down, I can hear her screams even after like 10 secinds later and I saw  RAINBOW!

Nina was laughing alot cause she said that when Sha came down she scared all the kids. Hahaha! After Nina went with Sha on the slides we went to Lepak in the Jacuzzi and Nina talked about her 'encounters' with her ex.

We then went to play in the children area and became little kids again.

Then, the wave pool started and we re-enacted Titanic for like 20 mins.

R: Jack, Jack!! Don't go!!!!
N: No!!!
S: -Floats away-

We went back to the lazy pool and then another drama, I lost my bloddy specs cause I forgot it was on my lap when I got up to let Sha go on the float. Thank God! that Sha found it. I love you babe.

Tired, went to shower, go back Bishan for dance and go shopping with Px for Ellice present.

Go to Serangoon to give belated birthday present to XQ then go back home.



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