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Friday, November 26, 2010

Time passes by..

Isn't it wonderful, waking up in an empty house,
with the wind in your hair, the soft rays of the sun on your face,
and knowing that it's Friday :)

Time is passing by so fast, it's already the last week of November..
Okay, not the last week, but almost the last week.
Soon it'll be December, and I know how time passes by fast.

Soon I'll be graduating, soon it'll be time for me to decide,

I know I do want to go Poly, but then what if my results is not good?
I do have another option, a job opportunity actually.
To work at NTUC First Campus as an infant care teacher.
It's a 3 and a half year course and work.
So, I study and work at the same time..

Trouble is, if I do take that job I'll be like 24 or 25.. then I go poly.. another 3 years,
Graduate when I am 28.. omg...
So OLD...

Whatever.. Put this aside.

I miss talking to you.
Like really sitting down and spending time with you.
hope that I could really talk to you soon.


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