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Monday, December 13, 2010

Killing me softly.

I swear I am slowly going insane.
Who knew that just one sentence can affect/bother/stress me until now?
Usually I am not really bothered by what people say, and even if I am,
I would be over it like really fast.
How is it possible that I am so affected by it until I get so totally paranoid,
becoming very stressed out that I might pick a small fight with you, and when that happens, I usually think that hey, maybe I am being crazy, and all that shit and I feel shitty that I fought with you, cause it's my fault but then I still cannot stop the feeling from coming back?

What is wrong with me?
What huh???
I feel so upset.
At myself mostly, because I can't seem to understand why I cannot trust you.

Maybe it's better that I should just stay away from you.
Maybe I'll just have to see what would happen to our relationship after the vacation.

Carving my pain with your fingers.
Strangling my life with your words.
Killing me softly without trust,
Killing me softly, without trust,
Tearing my whole life, apart.
Killing me softly without trust.


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