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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things you do and say

You fetch me home most of the time, even though you are tired, you still do, and l love you for that, but when we fight, you think you can just leave me alone, stranded, so what is the pont of sending me back when you can leave me so easily?

I'd rather not go out with you anymore, because you are just like my ex, when we broke up, he wanted his money back, and you did exactly  the same, you asked for your money back, perhaps you should just be with someone who can sustain herself, someone who is not useless like me, who depends on her parents allowance to eat.

You want me to have more money,  I want  to work but you don't want me to, so how can I not depend on you?You yourself said you will support me, and yet you go back on your words.

I don't know what you want anymore.



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