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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pre Birthday and Epic Moments

Okay so here it goes, my baby's birthday is tomorrow, and I am like doing things last minute as usual. Well, I met Nina, Fafa and Haru (I think that is how his name is spelled), and we practiced our songs, and I am getting into the groove of it.. We went to City Hall's Underground, but there was zeero internet connection, and we didn't have lyrics so we couldn't exactly practiced, so we went to the Memorial Park, and after 1 song it started raining.. Irritating right??!! Then we went inside this place, you know City Hall when you go HMV? Then there is this glass stairs leading up? Well, if you followed the music, we were practicing up there, and it was so echo-y and people were like, where is the beautiful singing and music coming from. hahahaa!

So right... It was fuckinggg hott!!!! Like really!!! Fucking Hott!!!!! I sing my song halfway I sweat already!!! So we went back to the underground and there were like alott of people, but we didn't give a shit lah.. Finished practicing, we went to Somerset cause I needed to go to Cineleisure to get Baby's Pressie!! Sooo... We went to Somerset, Me, Nina, Fafa then we went to New Look to try out shoes and wait for Firmi, and there was this pair of shoes soooo uber gorgeous...!!! But my toes can't fit.. Sad.. Anyways, when Firmi came, we went to buy bulle tea and Nina and Firmi went to get SuperDog's Ice Cream and I sear it taste like Sex!

It was sooo freagginggg good!!!!!!! I swear!!! AND IT COSTS 1 DOLLAR! AND SO BIG SOMEMORE! Soooooo we went Cine, went into the shop, got the top, wanted to pay for it, butttt, I brought out $45, the top costs $41 after 40% discount, then I changed 5 $2 with Firmi, cause like make it look nicer when you paying mahsss..., but then when I wanted to pay I saw in my hands like, 'Eh? How come only got 31???' Then aku like tak panick, Nina being the sweetheart, loan me $7, and Firmi $5, so I paid then wanted to go off, Fafa was like, ' what is that $10 under your feet?' hahahahahaahah!!!!!

I guess I got carried away with changing money I didnt see it dropped.. Luckily no one took it. HHaha... guess that is all I have to say for now!

Ciao :)


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