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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creepy little girl

"Creepy little girl in a creepy little place, creepy little place in a creepy little world. Creepy little girl with a creepy little face, saying funny things that you would never heard". This song has been repeatedly plaing in my head so much that I fear I might be having nightmares because of it. Sorry for not updating it for awhile, I had been pretty busy with my school's hectic schedule and my deadlines are really killing me. Oh the pity of projects. Here's one for you! This hot image, from my favourite website, "" is totally awesome :))
I am loving the images posted and I just wish I could have those beautiful images! :))
Two days ago, on 16 of July 2009, my bze results were out! 29 /50!!!! And I just studies ont he day itself!!! It is so depressing that I cannot believe it! And I canot believe that there are some people who actually got a distinction! Like seriously! I am not jealous but it seemed so horrifically true! Oh well, what to do, just got to work harder.
Yesterday, 15 of July, went out to makan Japanese food again! :)
Baked Alaska! I want you!!
Today, I am having a briefing for my EPL project at J8, then runnin off to church for a confirmation mass! Later there's a BBQ at ECP! Woah girl! Gotta chill and slow down!
I Love You guys! :))
Rachel Roxxane


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