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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Perhaps I have always stereotype people for who they are by what I see, but I never really understood them. We pretend to wear a plastic amour so that others could not see the hurt that scars our body, our soul, our face. Funny how when they let that amour down, you can see who they really are, what they were actually hiding from you, from others. I guess it is part of human nature, to put up barriers so that we can protect ourselves from sarcasm, from humiliation, basically from hurt. Why do we live in this world where we search for truth, for facts but still hide what is real? Perhaps the reason is simply just because we are what we are, humans. It is already in our nature when we were created to live in this world. Perhaps it might not have happen in the earlier ages, during our ancestors time, but has slowly happened and is still happening now. I cannot ask people to change the way they are. I can change the way I am, but what if they react negatively towards my new attitude? What if they cannot accept it? Should I revert back to my old attitude? Or should i just just take charge of my world and say "Here I am, This is who I really am, not plastic but all genuine". We need to understand each other. We are still humans, despite skin color, races. But, I guess, this dream, still might be far-fetched, because no matter how much we try to understand each other, how much patience we put in, how much we want to believe that people will change, we know that there are just some people who refuses to become someone they are not.
They do not know, they could,
if they wanted to.
If they can just put in a little bit of faith.
What do you have to lose anyway?
I would like to say more, but time is not on my side.
I wonder how,
I wonder why.

Rachel Roxxane


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