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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tell me you love me.

Okay. I have just came back from a delicious dinner of Nasi Ayam Penyet at Novena. My whole body and me is totally shagged from the event which I just had. I really loved doing these event things but what Angie Lee has taught me in our EPL classes (half the time sleeping) all rushed back into my memory. I do not want to elaborate on it but yes, you see, the SITE VENUE is really important. Anways, I joined the SINGAPORE'S GOT YOUTH TALENT and I made it through the audition today. Tommorrow is the SEMI-FINALS and I have not prepared a song and here I am blogging my ass away. :) Amyrool!! you suppose to send me the pictures!!!! AND DELETE ALL THE FUGLY PICS plsaaaa!!!!
I wish I could update you on so much more, maybe if you're nice i'll put in my clip on my audition. Not Fantastic, counting that I was uberish bored and I guess tired. :) So much pictures to put in, but really tired now. hahahaahaa!!! Maybe... Maybe...

I love ya'll!!

Rachel Roxxane


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