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Monday, July 27, 2009

The best medicine for a broken heart is tears and sleep.

When the truth hits you smack in the face and reality just completely overwhelms you, all you could do is just cry and sleep the pain away. I did not made it into the finals (sadly), my good friend is going away to God-knows-where and it is difficult being there for someone, getting the bad attitudes and SHIAT, just taking it all in and fixing a smile on my face. School as usual, is completely USELESS~ My dear girl friend had to go back early. Bimbotic talks and all completed with S&W, apparently I am still breathing. About the Finals, let's break it down, I did not made it because it really was last minute and there was no one time to practice with the keyboardist when your performance is your project so there is a time strain there. I also changed the song twice (risky), my first, "Sway", I thought I was somewhat pitchy? My second, "Reflections", I was afraid I could not hit the high notes. I went with the safe choice of "Somewhere over the rainbow", the starting was on the wrong key, but luckly saved myself afters. Still, it hurts to know when the thing that you hold close to your heart is taken away from you roughly and leaves a hole with emptiness dripping out. I cried myself to sleep last night wishing that the pain would go away.
Tears, filled with so much sadness and dismay, disslove into my pillow.
I have no mood now to talk anymore.
This cannot be the end,
yet it feels as though it has never been the start.

Rachel Roxxane


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