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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fly away to Never Never Land.

I really miss my best friend so much!!! We've been together for half a decade and we've been through so many different situations with a varying degree of difficulties. Fafa, you are the bestest girl and I miss all the laughter and times we shared. All the days we spent slacking at TPY after school, the afternoon ice-kachang which result me in getting spastically cold. The fun and tiring times we had in school, dancing into the wee hours, in TPY stadium, we cheered till we lose our voice and your temper. Girl, how i wish we could spend those special moments again. I guess it is time that we have to be apart, you have your own friends and I have mine. But the bonds that we have shared could not compared to these other friendships that we have found.
It's been very long since I could spent a decent time with you. We always said that we would make time for each other so that we can spend some quiet time, lepak, chat, and laugh. I guess we were always too busy.
"Boyfriends come and go,
but friendships lasts forever."
When it comes to a time when we are finally apart,
I want you leave with a happy memory of us.
Of me.
I'll always be here for you~
You'll still be the best girl friend anyone could have~
you know I love you so much!~

Rachel Roxxane


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