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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fugly skank who goes to hell, even the devil runs away.

Cause you are a damn skank who is out to ruin people's life cause yours is all screwed up. Well you have done it! Are you happy now? You find it very fun right? It fills you up with pleasure to see others scorn and be so fake to others when you yourself is one hell of a 'BARBIE PLASTIK SHIAT!' Or should I rephrase 'BABI'. Good job, really, I did not know a person like you can pull this sort of stunt of. Why should I reminiscence about your good qualities and the good things you have done? Who do you think you are? Miss Universe? Out to save the world from poverty and do goodwill to others? If you want to be so patriotic, you should start by saving yourself. But maybe it is too late for you, cause you are digging your own grave, deeper and deeper until one fine, beautiful day, when you look up from your shoveling, you will find that your hole is so deep, how desperately you try to climb out, grabbing all those loose rocks and soil, and crying incoherently, tearing your hair out, I will be sitting beside that hole, enjoying a glass of wine, savourying every sweet drop, with the wind carassing my skin, my eyes closed in deep pleasure, knowing you can never enjoy what you desire the most, 'FREEDOM'.
Seeing you in unimaginable torture, only then, I will be satisfied.

You reap what you sow.


Rachel Roxxane


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