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Monday, August 3, 2009

Stupid printer has a problem, stupid pimples all popping out and I am so stress. Need I say more? My left eye is completely spasming ever since I don't know when. Seriously painful. Today, i had S & W and we played Netball. Elaine Nat , Shaheerah, Jun Teng, Emu, Hui Yi, and yours truly were against Ella, Tasha, Hani, Asri, Faz, Nezah. I got a big phat bilster and sprained my right ankle. The sun is killer hot today, i don't think I will ever get a tanned. Ever. School went by somwhat fast and slow today, cause today we had one of our class group's project, "IEH Got Talent", I just sang my all time favourite song, and Nina sang "Zombie", backups from Ru Ru and Yan (you guys play so well!) Now, Dad's watching Desperate HouswWives, at least that is better than watching Independence Day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. TWICE. EACH. DAY!!! Shucks. I feel like sleeping now, but I already took a nice nap just now. maybe I try to dream of ice cream (:

Goodnight my love, plesant dreams. . .
Sleep well my love, dream away,
Softly and gently,
Always loving you everyday. . .

Rachel Roxxane


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