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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"First" day of school was quite fun, as expected, not many people notices that I have been gone, which is a good thing, don't want anyone worrying. just finished one of my projects today, thank goodness, less stress, but now need to study cause exams are coming and I still have 3 videos to complete. I went to Little India today with Sha and we did our brows while she continued to do her upperlip and boy, did she teared. We went to Chella's to but the long awaited indian snacks and I am going to have them for my shows later. :D

Can't wait for the Sentosa trip tomorrow, and I totally need to raid my wardrobe to find what to wear!!!!! The house is gonna be really quiet, hope Muu Muu can come out tomorrow so can stay over though.

Misses you to bits.


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