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Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have not been updating my blog for quite a while now, being so packed with my projects and dance, and now Christmas is already coming, I need to organize the presents and the songs. I can't believe how fast time flew by, it's going to be the end of holidays soon and the start of a new term in school again. I have been quite stress lately about certain people in my projet group, perhaps only about one particular person.

These pictures were from yesterday, after Dan's concert. I have to say, the singers kind of spoil the mood cause they didn't really sound nice, well, they could sing, but I don't think that the song that they sang was the right choice for them, maybe with more practice? Sha and I bought roses for Dan, hers was the Beautiful red stalk and I got him a humble fiery orange one, I hoped he liked it though. He seriously has a wonderful talent for the piano, kind of reminds me of someone I know.

Only, 4 more days till Muu Muu comes out, then it's PARTIII! Well, I so need to lose the wieght to nicely fit the gorgeous white dress that Fafa babe got for my birthday, I swear it's hot! Hahaha, I love love chirstmas! And I'm going out with my pals from Pri School for a fun gathering at Dbl0, yay! Ladies Night!


My Heart is finally at rest, cause it tells me so.


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