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Friday, December 25, 2009

It really has been so long since I've updated my page, I am like totally typing this sitting half ass in God knows where. Going to my Aunt's place for dinner later about 8 then going out for a movie with the BHS Comrades. Yesterday, including this morning was the greatest Chritmas Party. Sure, it wasn't with a big bang and all, but really, the fun side of Christmas is about having a gathering with your friends and having a jolly old time getting high and totally laughing and having fun. Sounds lame, but that'll do for me.

To me, today is just another day, nothing really special, just having gifts at home waiting for me.
I guess, if you ask me, the greatest present, is to share this wonderful Christmas day, with someone really special.
Just being with that special person brings me so much joy, and countless happiness.

What if I say, all I want for Christmas is you?


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