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Monday, May 10, 2010


This is it.
I am finally going to make peace.
With the girl that I hate the most.
I don't care what she thinks.
All I care is that I've done what I needed to do.

Yesterday was an epic moment.
Had a misunderstanding with Muu Muu.
I tore at my arm with my fingers and pen.
Because he took my penknife and lighter away.
Well, I invoulentarily gave him.

I still have those marks on my arms.
I really sunk the pen deep into my skin.
The feeling that it gave me,
stabbing the nib into my skin, 
was so painful, yet so heavenly.

I knew it hurt him as much as it hurt me.
Cold, cold, ice cold heartless bitch who didn't care.
Yesterday was the 2nd time I took our ring off.

We made up, knowing more about each other.
And I know how much he loves me.
Guess he love me so much I was afraid he would go.


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