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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God help the Outcasts

I've been sleeping very late recently because I am captured by the Memoirs of a Geisha book which I borrowed from the library a while back. I've been reading it until the wee hours into the nights when I cannot sleep.

Didn't go school today, cause it was raining and I have no intention of getting drench like the last time.

Sha borrowed Edmund's unbrella and is going to return it tomorrow, and he funniest thing which happened today was that when we just missed the train at AMK, she waved her brolly at the train and the mrt guy said nicely, to please not waved at the train of it will get stuck and pull her all the way to Bishan.

It was so extremely funny, arg, stupid CAH 'BONDING', hello! Who in thier right minds want to bond with the shits I have in class?!

OH! IT'S MY STUPID MISS ANGIE LEE! She thinks that she will have a bad reputation if our class is not bonded and blah blah bullshit, it's just stupid how she thinks that bonding will help us be a better class. She wants to help right? Let us NOT BOND.
She thinks she knows our class so well, hello, someone please throw water on her face to wake her up, we are like 19/20 yrs old. NOT PRIMARY SCHOOL KIDS.

I f-ing hate the people in our class.

Anizah KeithOlsen
I have a bestfriend name suriyanti, wafi, huda, sharul, ella, amyrool, natasya, elaine, faezah, haney. :DD
[ FIRSTLY, according to my good friend Sha, BEST FRIEND is ONE WORD. NOT SO MANY. *Now I know why you go ITE, your English FAIL.]
[ SECONDLY, they are your BEST FRIEND[s], because they are fun to bitch with. ]

[LASTLY, if they are your BFF, ya know, Best Friends Forever, they should let you know, my dearest stupid girl, that you are a Fashion Disaster, they are just laughing at your horrible sense of your so called, fashion.]


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