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Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh my GAWD! Just 6 more practice dates till the performance and I still can't dance properly! What the Fuck is wrong with me? I feel so crappy now, just came back from school like an hour and half ago. Had Phys. Ed then a break to bathe and slept in class till our teacher came to just do some measly questions. My whole brain fried already.

I brought bubble tea just now, when I was still in j8 and the idiot woman like gave everyone there her shit attitude, ie: she threw the ice into the blender so angrily, served the drinks witha black face as she 'throw' it onto the counter. Like so fuck right? I think she was kind of irritated cause she had this 'rash' on the palm, but like you don't need to give everyone thier attitude! I was staring at her, pissed off but whatever, I don't want my day to be ruin because of her.

My swim date is tomorrow, I need my bikini to tanned myself for the peformance, apparently the other girls in dance are very ANTI-SUN so I guess they'll be spray-tanned. I don't know how Pris is going to tell the Big Bush to shave, cause seriously, the thought of her armpit hair sticking to the LIGHT BLUE dress is uber gross and completely UNAPPEALING.


She is so gross, hair and all.


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