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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So I'm confused now.
There is so much to say but I might still be living in the past.
But I am trying not to. I don't want to.

But why the hell is almost everything I do or what others tell me, having you inside?
I don't want you.
I just don't.
Quite frankly, my past with you was mostly full of hurt.
So could you just get lost?

But, there was happiness too.
I am confused.

I am contradicting myself yet again.

You somehow, or another make it seem like it's my fault.
I didn't do anything and I have NOTHING to do with you.

Sometimes, my eyes try to make me believe what my heart does not see.
You seemed changed. Somehow.
I don't know what it is, but it feels like.
I do not know who you are anymore.

You said you hated them.
Now you seemed closed to them.
What gives?
What happened to you?
Did you both planned this?
Find a way to ruin me?

If you did, I am sorry.
Sorry that you are this type of person.
Sorry and VERY regretful.

Cause I fell for a lying snake.
A crafty fox.

I do not want to believe, but as I keep seeing you, the truth just seemed to smack me in the face. I hate the way I think too much sometimes. I hate the way I always try to look on the bright side most of the times.
I feel like an energizer bunny without the energizer.
Just a phat pink floppy fugly doosh.

God Save My Soul.



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