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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Days

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day to:

  1. Family [I love the Red Packets]
  2. Sha [ For being so sweet and all that]
  3. Marilyn [ Knowing you for almost 7 years. Wow]
  4. Stacey and Stephanie [ Don't need to say it out, love you babes]
  5. My dear Muu Muu, [ I put you last cause I want to say so much to you]
After going for another reunion dinner at my Grandmother's house, we went to Clark Quay and reminisce on old times. I had so much fun with you, walking, talking, just how I loved to spent time with you.

It was my FIRST Valentine's, and it was the most wonderful time I had.
It really was a wonderful moment spending time with you, you bought a 'smelly' 4 dollars rose for me from a cute little boy, and it was so sweet of you, trying to be tolerant.

We went to get Turkish Ice Cream which I totally swear I did not know the shop was there, and amazingly, you also manage to spot the ORIGINA bottle which I longed for so much.

I think you are still quite creeped out by how your body just swerved and went to the bottle.

I love you so much.



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