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Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Months Together With You

Besides being the most eventful day, it is also the shitiess.

Dear, I partially lied to you.
The reason why i am having a headache is because I woke up really early, and did this special card and bookmark for you and it took me almost 4 hours to complete it.

After doing it, I quickly went to laminate the bookmark, and really, it turned out so beautiful. I then went to Stacey's house and chilled there, thinking everything would turned out as planned.

When the evening came, I thought that things would go according to plan.
But apparently, it turned out to be the worst day. For now.

I suppose to be at Pasir Ris at 9pm to meet Ellice, to help me pass to Hisham what I made for you.

I, being such a prick, underestimate the time, and by the time I reached there, not only was I late, I was also out of cash.

I had only about 10 minutes to reached there so I droppped of at Kembangang and wait for a damn bloody cab. It was like 2103 and I was seriously stress out but I still did not want to give up.

Finally, being on the cab at 2105, I rushed the cabbie, to reach in like 5 damn minutes.
When I was in the cab, Ellice and Hisham kept calling, asking if i was reaching, Dearhearts, they were so so sweet, really.

Sadly, it was not meant to be, I was still on the way there when Ellice called and said that Hisham was on the bus. Then, and only then, did I felt completely useless.

That, was the bad part, the worst part was when I just only reached Pasir Ris to take a bus back and I wanted to pay by NETS but apparently, my FAGGOT ARSE OF A BOSS totally DID NOT transfer me my cash and I was desparate to go back home so I called my mother to transfer cash into my account, and I told the cabbie to take me back home.

I was crying so much and blubbering like an idiot, I seriously felt bad for so many reasons:

  1. Rushing the cabbie around.
  2. Rushing my mother[ who was suppose to spend a relaxful evening with my Aunt shopping]
  3. Rushing Ellice and Hisham, making them so worried.
  4. Making my Dad worried.
Most most most of all, not being there on time to pass what I had made.

I really wanted to suprise you so much, thinking of the look on your face, when you come back from your duty, seeing a card on your bed.
I know you'll text and or call, and I can almost imagine what you would say.

I cried so much today, and I really felt so guilty.
I wanted today to be so special.

Sad, that things did not turn out the way it should be.


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