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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rachel Roxxane: A Series Of Unfortunate Grosserific Events

I guess this might be my most eventful blog post out of all.

  • I firstly, hate CNY shopping in whatever Supermarket. 
  • Why?
  • #1: People push your arse with their Faggotly Huge Trolleys.
  • #2: People shove and squeeze you around like you're made of play-dough or something.
  • #3: It takes like half an hour to buy just a Fucking bag of chips cause the idiots are hogging up the damn queue.
  • Yeah, I hate it.

I was on the way to Stacey's house when this happened: 

  • These two young boys, aged 13 and younger, were like talking of what they should be talking about normally at their age. Apparently, they started to also talk about Puberty and my ears craned to listen in on their conversation. Here's how it went. 
         Boy 1: Do you have any armpit hair?
         Boy 2: No, not yet, I guess some guys have Puberty at an older age. 
         **Then they go on about i don't know what and then started talking about normal stuff**

  • I was about to reach Marsiling, when this middle aged man sat in front of me. He looked completely normal, except for his abnormal growth of CHIN HAIR. The hair, mind you, was so long, it reached his Man Tits. It was as tangled as a jungle vine and black as his head. Like hello! Did he actually thought that it was nice to have some long hair dribbling down your chin? I think, that he thought that that was the only part of his body where he allowed hair to grow as long as whatever. Or maybe he thinks that facial hair is manly, so since he can't grow a mustache or beard, the next alternative was a damn chin hair. The longer the more manlier.
Men are weird. Not all, some.


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