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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today is the day.
The audition day.
Today is also the day you went back in early.

Let's sort out things one by one.

The Audition

We did not practice a lot. Our final proper practice was yesterday, with Mel.
We sorted out a lot of problems we had and finally, finally, sang properly.
What I am afraid, is that, what if I crack?
What if Fafa loses control over voice and overpowers mine?
I don't want it to sound like we are competing with each other.
What if this or that happens?

What if.. What if..

But then, there are also other what ifs.

What if we did well and got through?
What if the judges were really amazed?

What if..What if..

The second problem, is that you are booking in early.
Oh my goodness.
I was looking forward to spending my weekends with you.
To make up for not fetching you and just to be with you.

I just want time with you. So so much.

I guess I'll just have to make most of today with you right?

Happy 10th Dear.


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