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Monday, February 8, 2010

I am totally HAPPY now. :D

FaFa and I got through to the Semis :D

The lady called me like in the morning, when i was still rolling around my bed.

four missed calls haha.
I was afraid it might have been my dumb teacher so I did not pick up the phone.
Thank goodness I manage to summon up my courage to answer when she called again.

" Hello? Is this Rachel?"
"Yes?" [I was like thinking, oh shit, what did I do]
" Hi, I am calling from iTalent, and YOU and SHARIFAH got through"

[ I was kind of in a daze at that moment]
" Hello? Are you there?"
" Yes I am, I am so sorry. Are there any details we should know? "\
" Yes, firstly, what would you liked to be called as? Rachel and Sharifah?"
" Oh, I think I have to go speak to her first."
" Alright then, I will give you the rest of the details as well. This Wednesday, 10th   
   February, you will have a PHOTO SHOOT at ITE Simei, Performing Arts block.
" Give me a moment, I need to write this down."
" It will start at 3.45pm, and you have to be there dressed as though you are already
   going to perform, so you will have to do make, etc, before hand."

[ I repeated everything she said and called FaFa straight away.]

That Stupid girl was like still sleeping so I called her father then she called me back and we were both screaming about it.

Now it's off to shopping with FaFa and Sha Babe.




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