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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You've noticed that I don't publish my posts during weekends, well, cause my blog takes a break too on those days, but I think that it enjoys its life more than me since its job is more relaxing. Just 3 more weeks and then it's over. My body is tired, but not my head. I want to just go for a spa treatment, do my hair and nails. I think that is my most favourite pampaering luxuries, of course I have to go with my best friend, if I don't it wouldn't be worth it.

Currently, thinking of a cruise next year, but Dad says he wants to go on a holiday next year during March. I just want to go on a trip with Stacey to somewhere in Malaysia, and somewhere else with Fafa. Oh the joys of travelling. I am seriously considering taking up scuba-diving courses, but I am still somewhat afraid and cash broke.

Tiffany's are awesome!


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