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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Little Wooden Hearts

I got a ceramic hand phone decor for both Sha and Nina. I guess it was a way for expressing my appreciation to them, but the feelings goes down deeper. I just never really had a group of crazy babes who go totally nuts and love me and understand me. Even though I do have Fafa, we're not even really talking much now, and she still is hard of hearing sometimes.
I am grateful to have them as friends, especially Sha, she is someone I do not ever want to lose as a friend.

I just realize, I can't talk very well, I tend to forget what I wanted to say and stutter/babble.
Is there something wrong with me? I know I am not nervous when I talk to new people, but I guess I might have a condition.

Oh well, DSG is due tomorrow, but our teacher said she can extend our [Me, Sha, Nina] deadline to next Monday. I am really gratedul to her, cause I know that she is sticking her neck out for us.

I really want my DSG to get an A. I need that A, so I can be assured that I have a good grade to go to Poly. I have to get a 3.8/4 G.P.A which makes me so totally stress out.

Projects driving me crazy!



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