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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Projects, yet again.

Have not really been updating alot recently, but yesterday was Nina's birthday, yes, that Gila girl turned 19 yesterday. We had such a fun time planning it and all, and I swear it was the most fun we've ever had.

Today is my God Brother's birthday. Haha, one after another. Going broke.
At least have the F1 logistics to do, but I still don't know yet if I am in the F1 training. :(
Reason why I can update this post now, 6.15am.
Oh well, there are always other opportunities, but still... Sigh.

B! I can't wait to see you, why is the days passing by so slowly leh? I miss you le Baby.
I can'r stand that projects are due like this week!
I want to extend my DSG, just for a while more please!

Raa, I need to get ready for school and still edit ENT.

FML, seriously.



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