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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I adore Glee.
Like it. Love it. Adore it. Want it.
 I watch it when I am at home.
I watch the catch-up at Muu Muu's place when I missed it.

I just love the singing, dancing and good ol' american high school bitchiness.
Kinda see it in our class right Sha?
Maybe only the bitchness part laah.

Muu Muu is having Air Rifling today, so whole day can't text me.
But I am cool, I have my hot babes and dance.
Speaking of which, I went to school but I didn't turn up for class.
On the downside, another attendance not taken, on the upside, POM is finally done.

Well, must sacrifice one thing for another.
ENT part 3 is to be handed up tomorrow, so yup.
I kind of don't know what to do, but I think we'll get it done.

POM like crazy today, running around trying to find a lab.
Where the hell is all our money?
Why can't the stupid school like upgrade the PRINTERS and COMPUTERS???? 
Those machines are like so bloody old and dirty and sooo full of virus.


Anyways, going to have my dinner and glee.
Such a great combination <3



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